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Children Art Classes at the Studio

A Children Art Class With Pauline, by Kate Mitchell (Teaching Assistant in May 2015)

Mélanie is one of Pauline Fraisse’s young students. At 12 years old this is her third year attending children painting classes at Pauline Fraisse Art & Culture, located a stone’s throw away from the trendy Marais district. I observed Mélanie working on an acrylic piece- the subject being sea life. And what a pleasure this was! At such a young age it is hard to come to terms with just how talented this young girl is. Her interest in art began at a very young age and has continued to progress.

A student's drawing during children art classes at Pauline Fraisse's studio

Melanie’s beautiful acrylic painting, completed during the children art class at Pauline Fraisse Art & Culture in Paris.

Respectful teaching

No doubt Pauline has played a huge role in such milestones being achieved and as the class unfolded I began to take note of her subtle, yet brilliant approach. It seems the success of these classes lies in the atmosphere within Pauline’s studio and how it she leads them. It was so natural that it was hard to pin-point how she does it so well. Her instruction lends to independent work. As Pauline and Mélanie conversed there was an easy rhythm to their dialogue- a clear balance between teacher and student. Without doubt Pauline regards her students with a great deal of respect. A respect for how the students approach the class and the effort they put in. Her nature is sensitive to each individual’s “artistic stripes’’. Her role as teacher is similar to that of a guiding mentor- suggestions and direction are offered, not imposed.

In this hour long class Mélanie’s determination was evident. She had a clear sense of what she was doing. Her steady hand and pensive expression highlighted her conscientious and focused approach. In turn, Pauline’s appreciation for her work and the simple words of advice and encouragement complimented the teacher/student dynamic.

In a beautiful creative space

Aside from the teacher-student relationship one cannot forget the studio’s design. Immersed in a space filled with Pauline’s own work, textural stone walls and skylight windows it is easy to become lost in one’s thoughts and actions. The bright space appeals to the aesthetic senses and is finely tuned to the creative mind.

Having spent just one class as an observer I can already feel the creative juices beginning to flow!

By Kate Mitchell (Teaching Assistant in May 2015)

Children Art Classes at Pauline Fraisse Art & Culture's studio in 2015

Pauline Fraisse’s studio in 2015. Drawing and painting classes for adults and children. The studio is now located on the Left Bank, close to the Eiffel Tower and the Invalides.


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