Weekly classes, travel sketchbook workshops during school holidays, parent-child classes… Discover all the activities for children and teenagers at the studio in Paris.
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Drawing and Painting Class for Children – Tuesday 5:00PM-6:30PM

This course teaches children and teenagers the basics of drawing and painting (perspective, proportions, colors, volumes…), through several techniques (acrylic painting, gouache, pastel, charcoal, inks, pencils, collage…). Studying a variety of subjects throughout the year: observation drawing, still life, creating comic strips or illustrations, portrait, copying artworks, imagination drawing, introduction to Art History. According to their age and considering their personal aims, children are encouraged to develop their work, improve their technique, and express their creativity. It is possible to join on a single occasion, or regularly. Group of 3 to 8 children, aged 7 and above.

Travel Sketchbook Workshop for Children – School Holidays, 4 Days

Drawing in perspective, drawing figures, creating colors, composing, adding collage, and writing... A week full of creativity, learning various skills! Your children will be ready to keep a travel sketchbook during their next holidays, and may encourage you to create travel journals! Children aged 7 and above, and teenagers. I adapt my class teaching to the participants, according to their age and considering their personal aims. Group of 3 to 8 participants.

« Travel Sketchbook » Art Birthday Party for Children – Private Event

For your children aged 4 years and above, I can set up a drawing and painting workshop, to make their birthday party an unforgettable experience! According to their age, children will paint and decorate a small box (which they may fill up with candies or small toys), or create an artwork on a cardboard canvas representing a page of their « imaginary travel sketchbook ». Two hours to escape and have fun while learning drawing and painting skills! A customized worskhop, at the studio (8 children) or at your home (from 9 children on). You may bring the birthday cake and snacks at the studio if you wish.

Parent Child Workshop Drawing & Painting – Saturday 10:00AM-12:00PM

Share a creative moment with your child! From 3 years old on, younger and older children are welcome with one of their parents, to paint and draw together. An occasion for exchange and attention, a wonderful memory with your child, to be shared on an occasion (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparents Day…), or simply to make your Saturday special. The workshop takes place once or twice a term, on Saturday mornings. Art supplies are included. Group of 4 to 8 participants.